Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dreams are worth fighting for,dont you agree?

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In a world that's been through extreme pain and hardship, Bloodshed and horror,death

and disappointment,there has been many who have lifted themselves up from the worst of situations to battle the never ending war to making their Dreams come true.

That was quite a bold and sort of over the top intro but the purpose of it is on emphasis to the importance of having Dreams. We are given the chance to a life,to breathe,to make memories and another important factor which many of us give up on  is Dreams.

We spend our young kinder-garden years discovering the wonders of the world. Catching butterflies or exploring around play areas in hope of finding something magical. Our eyes and hearts being unaffected by the harsh world that faces us,we indulge in dreams that are so amazing. Some of us dreamt of going to the moon whilst others wanted to roll into a pool of sweets,yet it may have been wild dreams they seems to be comforting.

As the years pass us we develop the understanding of reality and what can be achieved and our dreams shift from the moon to being  a very Wealthy person,to explore the world and many more great dreams but as time bites at out life,we tend to give up on these dreams further down our time lines.Dreams become scarce and our High Cost of survival leads many people to working hard just to make ends meat and sadly we leave our dreams in the past. Many of us have to give up on our dreams in order to be financially stable or even for our family,its an admirable sacrifice and this article is  for all of those who have lost hope in Dreams coming true. There is a greater plan for everyone of us,may it be now or in the near future,your dreams are meant be cherished.

To all of those who have achieved their dreams through hard work or by sheer luck,hold onto it with your life and enjoy every moment of it. Dreams keep us young at heart,they bring about a purpose to living and a reason to fight for life.

I urge all of you who have read this article to share with us your dreams in the comment section below,take a moment to cherish your childhood dreams and share it would us. In the meantime, keep dreaming. 

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