Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Books are my escape from reality,what role do they play in your life?

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After a stressful day at school or work,you eagerly wait to get home in order to grab a hold of the latest book that stands on your bookshelf and the instant you flip the cover over,a whole new world is open to you.That tends to be the story in my case,I cant wait to indulge in an outstanding fictional book that allows me to escape from my surroundings.

Books have been and will continue to be a part of our lives in the best way possible.They bring about relaxation and a sense of serenity. In my opinion,a great book is one that allows the reader to experience the adventure and story as if they were a part of it. A book that brings all the magic and sensational characters to life.When I attempt to read a book, my expectations for it is to capture my attention with a unique tone and feeling.Some may be Dark whilst others may represent a fun filled happy tone.Amongst all the critical responses that surrounded "The Inheritance" series,Most being of high Standards,it was a story that gripped its reader and allowed them to explore the world through Eragon's eyes.The majestic land Alagaesia,from a cold and snow filled village to a dark forest,the experience is breathtaking,a book I shall always credit for being brilliant.

This week I feel like reading a fantasy story,something that can feel like a roller-coaster ride with some action and evil. Any Suggestions? 
I know Books are relaxing for me, what do they represent to you?:)


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