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Hey there!

First of, thanks for visiting my blog and more importantly for reading what I have to say. From 2011 or so, I never really gave much attention to this blog and I can regretfully admit that I made a mistake. However, I'm pretty happy to announce that this time, really, I plan to definitely move forward.

Starting soon, I'm planning on posting interesting ideas and tips! Especially new apps that will help you in your day-to-day lifestyle. Also, new fun facts will be given a day and last but not least, I hope to inform you all about some of the hottest 2014 book releases.

If you'd like to know more or maybe would like your book or apps to be featured up here, please do send me an email at :

Have a great year!


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  1. We are working with a wonderful author and would love to reach out to talk to you about her titles. Sarah Daltry is a versatile writer. She writes in various genres across all ages. Right now, her new release (Primordial Dust) is a YA fantasy and she also has a YA gamer geek comedy (Backward Compatible), as well as NA contemporary "issues-based" series (Flowering) and an urban fantasy romance (Bitter Fruits). These last two are 18+ reads.
    Rather than waste your time with a list of books you may not be interested in, we figured we would tell you about Sarah and her site. You can find her at, where you can see trailers, learn about her titles, and read the first chapters. We would love to coordinate a review and/or interview/guest post with you and Sarah!
    Thanks for your time!
    Sarah Daltry's PA Team